iball Presenter Torch C9



Multi-functional Presenter
6 Buttons with built-in laser pointer
Ergonomic and Sleek – a comfortable fit for your hand
Magnetic Housing for cordless receiver inside the Presenter device for easy portability
Yellow LED flashlight doubling up as a mini clinical torch
Comes with Universal Page Up & Page Down button
Supports Hyperlinks
Comes with a Button that blanks the screen – allowing easy capture of audience’s attention
Sensing Indicator LED
Plug-n-Play – USB Interface
Compatible with Windows® / Mac® / Linux® / Android®
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The all-new presenting tool from iBall is as futuristic as it gets. The multifunctional Wireless Presenter iBall PresenTorch comes with – as the name already implies – a Torch too. Serving dual purposes of presenting tool and torch (the likes of which doctors and medical examiners use), PresenTorch is a boon in a small package, especially for doctors.
A compact design – encased in a slim body with a clip to hold on, the PresenTorch comes with 6 buttons and an built-in laser point. Changing Slideshows backward and forward, controlling volume, blanking the screen, or accessing the hyperlink – all taken care of, with just ONE device.
With iBall PresenTorch, “Just point, press and prepare to impress”!


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