iball Pen Digitizer – PD8060U



– iBall Pen Digitizer gives you flexibility to write, draw, design, interact with the Graphical User Interface and perform other input-related tasks in a very user-friendly manner which makes the digital pen a must have device.
– A battery-free Pen with 8192 levels pressure sensitivity makes Pen Digitizer easy and comfortable to hold and use.
– A Digitizer with 24 programmable Hot Cells around the digitizer surface makes it highly customizable with hundreds of the combinations to suit the personal usage pattern of the end user
– Annotating on dynamic pictures, Flash as well as YouTube, to create richer presentation and more effective pedagogy
– Fading computer screen in all states to insert multiple pages as an electronic whiteboard for better interaction with the audience
– Capturing screen right after annotation one or more times, and sending these pictures with email to enable faster communication with people outside of meeting
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Explore new styles and bring your bright ideas to life with iBall Pen Digitizer, a graphic pen tablet! The 8” x 6” wide working area allows large gesture that makes sketching and drawing a delightful experience. So paint, brush or just swipe on the canvas, as the highly customizable pen tablet provides hundreds of combinations to suit your creative ideations. And that too, battery-free!
The multi-purpose Pen Digitizer is not limited only to one area of sketching and illustrations, but you can also use it for writing, designing and input related tasks that make using Pen Digitizer a multi-purpose pen tablet. It’s lightweight with a user-friendly interface helps you discover creativity in a new way.
Pen Digitizer feels so natural to hold and work thanks to its ergonomic design. It gives you the best precision and control to create your masterpiece and that’s it’s truly a perfect device for your life.


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